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Hi Ric. Glad to see all is going so well for you:) Just curious, what year did we record Trilogy? And is the composition now published? Thanks. Doris
I tell people that yes, I am a music snob. But they have to understand, my first close friend that played was you, so that's the type of guitar playing I was exposed to. Ya know, so right from the very beginning, I knew what music was worth my time.
great music and artist...would like to hear your classical work sometime.
Nice work on the site and you are very talented.
Just wanted to say I LOVE your music...
Hey Ric!! Great stuff!!
You Da Man !
Ric, as I've said before, you are a real talent! Absolutely amazing!! I feel privileged to be one of your guitar students! Betsy
Great Website Ric!!!
Hey Rick, nice web site. Hope to get to see you soon. Best wishes, Brad DeFranco
HEy Ric,love the site 1 love the music!
i remember ric with hair! awesome site!
Amazing story for an amazing person!!
Your "No Picnic" is awesome! Really enjoyed the unsyncopated beats of different instruments.
Hey, Ric its been awhile,...nice site, hope to jam with you one of these days soon
And he wasn't that bad of a wrestler either. lol Site looks great.
Your site looks amazing. Hope you are well, it's been a while! Happy Holidays : )
Hey Rick, Checking out your site and tunes sounds awsome...my wifes cousin is world renouned steele pan drummer, his name is Victor Provost, from St John, US Virgin Islands. Since living all over the country and vacationing all over the world I have grown a my taste to all styles of music. You have mad skills sir. When I order your CD do you think you can Autograph it for me.
Hi Ric!!