"AUTOMATON" Ric's latest CD is now available at cdbabay.com and itunes. The CD features eclectic and modern compositions.

CHROMATICA has a new EP available titled "Interstellar Lounge". Featuring a line-up of stellar musicians and cosmic tunes!

Ric DelNero & CHROMATICA's Planet Em is now available at cdbaby.com

Explorophonic Space Machine will be performing at the Fall Foliage Festival on October 10 2010 in Jim Thorpe, PA at 1:00- 

Ric's 1997 release with the jazz-rock fusion quartet 180 is now available for download.


Visual Music Co. is a group of musicians/artsts who specialize in improvised soundtrack music and visual arts.


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or contact Orenled Music:  ric_delnero@yahoo.com

No Picnic is the latest release by guitarist/composer Ric DelNero. The CD is a mixture of cool jazz, bepob, funk and experimental music. It features the unique compositions of Ric DelNero. The line-up on this session includes Ric DelNero on guitar, saxophonist Rick Hirsch on alto and tenor. Drummer Steve Mitchell and Andy Seal on the bass.

This quartet gathered on a Sunday evening in July 2009 at Green Valley Recording studio for the very first time and this is the result of this extraordinary session. The concept of this recording is like a day at a picnic, but it aint no picnic with these incredible players!! The six tunes on this recording have titles that reflect some things at a picnic but in a very tongue and cheek manner. Titles like Black Napkins II, Ants In My Trance, Smelly Jelly, Cool Breeze, Wet Meat and Mustard On Something Ripe serve up some vivid images and dish out something for you to sink your teeth into, satisfying your hunger for great jazz.


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Tsoctopus is probably one of the most absurd and atypical tunes I've ever written. Get a version with the whole Explorophonic band at: ricdelnero.com

Posted by Ric DelNero Music on Sunday, November 8, 2015

A little piece we're working on..

Posted by Ric DelNero on Monday, June 8, 2015

Explorophonic live from The Attic. Performing an improvisation based on a theme called Reverse. Featuring: Ric DelNero/guitar, Aaron Butler/beats & efx, Bill Stetz/bass.

Posted by Ric DelNero Music on Friday, October 23, 2015


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