Ric DelNero

Ric DelNero is a composer, guitarist, and music educator based in Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania. He also owns and operates Orenled Music, which is dedicated to composition, performance, and music education.

Ric bought his first guitar from a friend at the age of twelve and taught himself to play. He was soon performing in several different ensembles at a professional level. He began composing his own music at the age of fifteen, beginning with guitar-driven rock pieces and advancing to classical guitar as he was influenced by an increased interest in classical music.

He enrolled in the Music Preparatory Program at Bloomsburg University in 1989 and began to study counterpoint with Dr Steven Wallace. After completing his studies he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in order to attend the Atlanta Institute of Music, immersing himself in guitar studies. He worked closely during this time with famed guitarist Jimmy Herring. In 1991, Ric's continued intense interest in his own musical education led him to Berklee College of Music, where he studied jazz and majored in composition and performance. He graduated from Berklee in 1994, and later continued his study of composition with John Carbon at Franklin & Marshall College.

 Returning to Pennsylvania in 1995, Ric began teaching guitar and performing in various groups. He formed the jazz-rock fusion band, 180°, and they released their eponymous debut album in 1998, while continuing to compose for more traditional ensembles.

 In 2001, Ric's Symphony No.2 was performed by the Bloomsburg University/Community Orchestra for the annual Spring Concert. Following the success of his symphony, he wrote two pieces for the Bloomsburg University/Community Chamber Orchestra. Idyll No.1 was performed in the fall of 2002 and Overture To Fate in 2003. In 2018 Ric's composition, Strange & Charm was performed by the Bloomsburg University/Community Orchestra for a concert celebrating Leonard Bernstein's 100th birthday.

Ric released a trio of albums as a writer and performer with the band Chromatica: Out Of Bounds (2007), Planet Em (2008) and Interstellar Lounge (2013). Ric also released two solo albums, No Picnic (2009) and Automaton (2015). Currently, Ric performs with the free improvisation group Explorophonic. They released the album Space Machine (2017) and Rough (2019). Ric also performs with the band The Appropriation Committee. The group released their debut album, An Improvised Life in 2020.

 Throughout his life, composing music has been Ric’s passion and he continues to experiment in order to refine his musical language. It is his goal to inspire and lead you on a path of musical discovery, using his educational, professional and personal experiences in his work.