Things Left Unsaid

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Things Left Unsaid features unique, exploratory music for the guitar. Painting impressions and conjuring images, this evocative music is polyphonic and has a tranquil but restless quality. The album's mysterious harmonic regions are rich and beautiful, full of tension and release. The changing textures and unpredictable, organic rhythms, flow and compel the music forward. 

This album was the result of being isolated during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The music was written as a form of self-indulgent escapism from the stress and anxiety of life during a global pandemic. 


released November 8, 2020 

Composed and performed by Ric DelNero 

Recorded at The Shed, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania in 2020 
Mixed and produced by Ric DelNero 

Photography and design by Aaron Butler. 

copyright 2020 Orenled Music 


all rights reserved

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